Raging on Fire

I really don’t want to be the
angry type of writer
the way things are flowing, it seems like
that’s exactly where I’m headed.
allow me to be clear:
this is not about love, men or being an
AfroLatina feminist.
I’m angry about being a human
in a world where humanity is the least important
I’m angry because there isn’t a collective,
global agreement about wanting to make this
a better place
everyone is “tryna get their money right”
and that rarely involves unity
people are starving, people are dying and
being dumbed down
with ideas that don’t grow you but, instead,
mold you into being a
of nothingness in a world where something
is always happening but nothing is ever getting
I’m angry.
And the worst part about this anger is that there
simply aren’t enough people who feel the way I do.
We are overshadowed by the celebrities who
break the Internet
by utilizing their ass and take advantage of
every moment to sell products,
distracting millions from what really matters.
And, frankly, that pisses me off.
It pisses me off that someone could have access to
an army at the touch of a ‘send tweet’ button but
instead of provoking independent thought, they scream
gossip and headline rumors.
Everything is about them. Nothing is about the people.
But let us not forget, without those followers, they are nothing.
So, the real anger is with you:
Why must you continue to increase someone’s power
who will never use it for
The world is turning at the very end of their fingertips
and they publish books of naked selfies,
take your money and
cancel tours,
build you up only to
bring you back down because that private jet is
there’s to fly around the world while you sit at home
and watch their Instagram game grow
to a place you can never be.
Oh, yes, I’m angry.
I’m upset that some ethnic women want to raise their Black
babies to be proud in their skin but
forget to mention their hair.
You can’t love being Black but hate Black hair,
that makes you a hypocrite and
these ideas are false but the mind will believe
whatever you tell it to
And that’s why, I guess, I’m so pissed.
Because far too many people don’t know that hibernating
on the inside lays a master,
deep in sleep, itching to be awake.
So, wake up, people. I'm telling you,
wake up.

Bianca SalvantComment