A Peek Inside of Adam Pinson's Artistic Candy Shop

“I've created hundreds of characters over the years and would love to see them animated.”

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It may not appear so on the surface but the act of doing what one loves is a powerful one. It is the discovery of ones calling, the need to separate oneself from the rest of civilization in order to create. It is a hunger that needs to be fed and requires peace and mental tranquility. This enchanting environment was created by Adam Pinson, 47, who lives with his wife in the Spanish countryside of Bournemouth in the UK. I swoon over his narrative:

“The main reason we (my wife, Karen, and our four cats) removed ourselves from the 9 to 5 environment was due to lack of time and space for creating art. We wanted to live more independently, off the grid. We wanted to grow vegetables. We currently reside in the Spanish countryside; it’s great having time and space to be productive but there’s not much opportunity for physical exhibitions, a small price to pay.”

Pinson’s creative process is unique because there is complete freedom. He is most comfortable when drawing in low places. Karen purchased a “real” drawing table for him but she discovered him underneath instead.

What initially caught my attention in viewing his body of work was a baby that was engrossed in a shiny red. It had horns. I wondered why someone would choose to take the perspective of an innocent baby and change it for a bad representation. But let’s allow him to explain:

“The 'Devil baby' or 'Imp' (as I've named it) was really an exercise [called] ‘in-found object construction’ and a short diversion from my usual medium of drawing. The doll was a donation to my trunk of junk as was the frame and the glass drop. The range of responses to this project have been both interesting and amusing. I'm guessing it's the combination of baby, red and horns.”

This made me laugh. Uh, yeah!

“Inspiration for 'Imp' was no more than just a quick exercise and a good way to use up the one inch of red paint I had sitting around.”

Pinson has a workshop where he builds sculptures, guitars, furniture, assemblage art, mosaics, BBQ’s and pizza ovens. Let’s read more of his words:

“I see inspiration as a perpetual thing from within, it's about elongating those windows of magic. The better I feel about a project, the more I want to work on it.
During our early 20's Karen and I travelled and I doodled a lot. We met many artists and musicians, we also found ourselves visiting co-op gallery's – wonderful art space systems that Europe needs to adopt more of. Co-ops are some of the first places I exhibited.”
“You mentioned my drawing 'Monster'. You said you saw him as a Pharaoh. This never crossed my mind; which I like, I suppose. The pills in his mouth have some relevance as they could relate to my own experience due to an ongoing illness. Also, I love to draw pills – they look so alluring.
I've created hundreds of characters over the years and would love to see them animated. I myself lack the technical skills to do this digitally but the images are available for anyone who offers." ♥