Alexi Torres and his Creative Space was Born in Bermejas, Cuba

"When I am away from the studio, I keep a notepad nearby and I write down ideas as they come.  This way, I can always have my thoughts about new ideas handy to refer to."

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Alexi Torres is well toned in his craft and has built a confident creative space. He is from a small city in Cuba called Bermejas, less than two hours from Havana. At 39 years young, he expresses the flow of his brain power, the process and its purpose in his life very fluidly. His work ethic and dedication is crystal clear and he does a beautiful job in elaborating. This is what he wrote me:

“An artist has to represent the time in which they are living, that is true. In my case, I base all of my work on society’s need for interconnectedness and spirituality. We actually all are connected with each other and nature, but we must be reminded of this. We also should be more in touch with the spiritual world.
In the American Flag Series, my goal is to represent various objects that symbolize America, but painted as if knitted, basket-weaved and affiliated. This shows the fragility of permanence and objects of power, significance and popularity. Painted in this way, I am showing how they all coexist, and the knitted (basket-weaving) style of oil painting shows how they are interconnected.
Each object is a necessary part of the USA. Some represent pop culture, others represent businesses, and some represent humanity. 
I love this country and I want everyone to see the need for preserving the beauty of the natural world. My paintings reflect organic elements and show the strength in my technique, yet the fragility that is reflected in the knitted basket weaving design.
These flags are meant to be inspiring, humorous and cause people to reflect on what the objects mean to them. It is fun to bring people together, when they look at my paintings. People gather in front and search for objects. Some flags have over 100 embedded icons and logos. 
I enjoy this interactive aspect of my art. Each painting is produced by various layers of paint to make the three dimensional design. I like for all of my paintings to “jump out” of the flat canvas.
I first began drawing in my notebooks in school and I decided at the age of 11 that I wanted to go study at art school. I was inspired and still am by my need to express.
Over the years of dedicating my life to painting and creating, I have developed my technique and am a full-time artist. I paint, on average, 60 hours a week. 
One of my favorite artists is Chuck Close because of his devotion and his contribution to the art world. I love his large portraits.
I do not suffer from artists block because I have a strong work ethic and I truly love to paint.  When I am away from the studio, I keep a notepad nearby and I write down ideas as they come.  This way, I can always have my thoughts about new ideas handy to refer to.
The strings, as you call it, is a technique which I began in 2010. I refer to it as knitted, basket-weaving design.  This way I can “weave” the oil painting and show the interconnectedness of all things, the strength, and vulnerability. Also, it lends to the idea of organic, earthly elements and reinforces that time is fleeting and precious.

The meditating policeman, and my other works of police  represent how to show security, but in a spiritual way. The policeman is projecting more peace and security through meditating than by using his gun or handcuffs.  This is not a particular person depicted.  We all can be more powerful and safe through our spiritual practices, rather than by force. 

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