Conscious Art Travels Through Marcia Annor

 "I realized meditating was the key to unlocking and pushing the limits of my creativity."

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She is powerful and powerless all at the same time. 

In learning about Marcia Annor, 20, of London, I realized many similar things inspire us: the universe, the unknown, creation, life, science.

I call connections like this spiritual sibling and I'm finding more and more throughout the world. Like, for example,  Mystic MamaRoxane Gay and Elizabeth Gilbert. They are being revealed to me through creative work.

 Annor describes her creative process as if being directed by a large higher source. “I tend to draw astronauts because I love everything they stand for. I love what they do. I would love to suite up and go to my favorite planet, Mars. I am fascinated by, not only earth, but other planets, the unknown and other beings living out there. It makes me happy when I see stars or the moon. Watching documentaries about our planet energizes and inspires me. I draw how I see the planet and I guess that shows in my art."

Annor, like Gay and Gilbert, creates her art from a personal place. A place that speaks its truth and doesn’t claim to have all the answers. While others would find a different platform for expression like writing or singing, Annor takes advantage of paint with acrylic, watercolors, oils, charcoal, ink, markers and sewing.

When looking through her work, I was curious about her purpose, her place on this planet, her responsibility to her generation. Her work speaks in such loud volumes, it was easy for me to gather that she was an important vibrating frequency in our universe.

“We are living in a time when people are becoming more conscious and aware. This awareness could be coming from a sudden spiritual awakening or influence from free spirited beings like Willow Smith and Mecca Kalani.

I feel as though my work is just another medium for us to connect with, not only ourselves, but with Mother Nature, our universe and everything that exists around us. There are so many irrelevant things happening and being captured around the world on social media, my work focuses on helping the viewer not think about those things but to reflect on our planet, the stars, moon and trees. I want them to be in the moment appreciating the right things.  One of my followers on Instagram told me that my art is leading a conscious revolution.”

This drawing (above) reminded me of how two people can be infinitely connected through their spiritual selves. It caught my attention, made me stop. I stared at it for some time, reflecting on what it was meaning for me. Annor shared her perspective: 

“It does portray two people infinitely connected through their spiritual selves, but it can also be interpreted in many ways.  It can be seen as a mother and daughter bond, two lovers holding each other with pride or even a woman being led by her higher self/spiritual guardian. I want people to interpret it the way that they feel because everyone sees things differently. I created it because I was intrigued by the relationship of best friends. For me it means someone by your side through thick and thin. Now as I think of best friends, it could also be you being your own best friend.”

Annor had an art teacher as a little girl who started challenging her creativity. It was through the pushing that Annor finally began to recognize her potential.

“The earliest memory I have of drawing was when I was around 12 or 13 years old. My art teacher always told me I was talented. She was always pushing me but I never believed her and was annoyed that she kept saying I wasn’t trying hard enough. But I remember coming in one day with a drawing I did of my little brother. I was really worried about what she would think. It was very different from the style I would normally draw in. But she immediately hugged me. She was grinning like she knew I would pull through. Of course she took my book and started showing everyone, even all the art teachers. I was very shy and embarrassed. She never gave up on someone who she knew had potential.”

After that, Annor began viewing her craft as a form of meditation, very similar to how I see writing. She says, “At first I was creating art unconsciously, just drawing without actually being aware. I realized meditating was the key to unlocking and pushing the limits of my creativity. I became more silent, thoughtless and conscious of what I was making. I call my work conscious art because I am completely in the moment. I am aware while creating. It’s meditating while drawing.”

She has no intention of making one-dimensional art that’s easy to understand. Rather, she is interested in the many different ways it can be interpreted.

“I want people to feel whatever it is they feel when they are in that moment of setting their eyes on my work. Everyone is unique and will see/feel something completely different from the next person. I try to emit conscious energy and love through my art. I hope to inspire others to create and manifest whatever is on their heart/mind.”

When Annor is confronted with a block of flow, she removes herself from the notion of drawing in hopes of bringing it back. “I think if you keep trying too hard to manifest something that isn’t there, you will not create from the heart. I skate, meditate, hang out with friends, watch nature documentaries, listen to music or smoke marijuana. In those moments, I don’t think about drawing at all.”

She doesn’t busy herself with thinking about the future, she lives in the moment and does what fuels her soul. It is a rather fluid concept that has been made complex for unknown reasons. “I create art as a hobby for myself and I never would have guessed that others would connect with it as much as they do.” 



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