Julio Tello Is The Doorway That Opens Your Third Eye

“I think there are two ways to see reality. The first is that nothing is a miracle, the second is that everything is.”


There are two kinds of people in this world: those that hold the Universe within and those who know they hold the Universe within. Julio Tello, 27, of Mexico City, Mexico, knows.

He’s a colorful artist that doesn’t create anything we’ve seen in this physical world. He believes in spiritual enlightenment, obtaining higher consciousness and creating a world in which people positively elevate themselves. Although it was his vivid psychedelic art that caught my attention, it is learning about his purpose that makes me a fan. My attraction has always gravitated towards creatives who aren’t afraid of the images in their own mind, their imagination. This quality – the freedom to think differently – is found in Tello’s work as he brings to life trees that are rooted in clouds, hearts falling from parachutes, flowers growing from eyeballs, the third eye resting in palms and glow-in-the-dark skeletons. All you have to do is think of something that could simply never be…then let Tello create it.

“My work doesn’t pretend to represent an actual contemporary situation. I represent archetypes that have been in our collective unconsciousness for as long as the human being has existed. The purpose is to create the conscience that we can have a better world.”

But let’s be clear: this world is neither real nor fake, here or there. “I think there are two ways to see reality. The first is that nothing is a miracle, the second is that everything is,” he says.

And it is in this esoteric tone that Tello communicates. He thinks big, therefore, he is.

In his Mexican culture, Tello admits, there is a lot of belief in mysticism and magic. These ideologies inspire most of his work, providing him with the foundation to consider that anything is truly possible. If attempting to give his fantasies a name, he claims it may be due to an illness he had as a child.

“[I had a] cardiac illness and I suffered a lot of blood pressure changes that use to provoke visual alterations.”  The combinations, although unusual, made Tello feel happy.

Despite this experience in his childhood, Tello didn’t begin creating art until he was much, much older. It’s hard to believe that he, in fact, started just six years ago.

“I started my first painting when I was 21 years old. I was still in college studying graphic design.”

It was in that environment that Tello began experimenting with his larger-than-life imagination. Just like this creation here (below). When I noticed it, it made me think of the vastness of our Universe and how, no matter how hard we try, we'll truly never understand it. It reminds me of the smallness in both our physical selves and our planet.

“This [piece] means that imagination is a ‘world’ so big that [it] makes our planet look so tiny beside it. I made it for the people who think their mind is bigger than any other thing, including the Universe. [I also want] them to be aware that we are physically tiny but mentally huge, giants. The specific [idea] that inspired it was that mind and imagination has no limit. I hope that this would be the way it is mostly interpreted.”

If you’re having a difficult time following, you just might have to turn on your third eye. The imagery of the third eye represents spiritual enlightenment and shows up throughout Tello’s work. “The third eye represents an open mind; a conscience more ample and capable to see the essence of reality which is the most difficult to perceive. This means that you see further, without prejudices, without taboos. I think that is important. The more open your mind is, the better your learning. Also, the quality of living life without fears to express oneself without any paradigms.”

He has considered that everything in our world has a spiritual and sacred element but that not enough people concern themselves with it. “I would like that people return their interests to feeding more their spirits than their egos and material things.”

There may be those who don’t agree with Tello but one can’t deny how misguided we are as a world civilization. From youth we are taught to be consumers, not forward thinkers. We are pushed into educational systems that teach us trades rather than fueling our talents. We spend hours in line for a new sneaker, a new clothing launch, electronics – but won’t stand up to change political corruption. We breath oxygen but don’t believe in science. We dislike other humans because they speak a different language or believe in a different god. It is because of these very misconceptions that Tello feeds himself through paint.

“I would like to change the way people perceive reality. I would like for them to open their minds when they look at my paintings. Hopefully this would create a conscience of what we have become as a society. I see a world being destroyed. People follow what the media imposes on them without control or discrimination.” 

Having never been a part of the labor force, Tello has dedicated his life to this mission. For him, this isn’t unusual – to follow a dream, to do what gives life is exactly what everyone should be doing.

“When I finished my studies in graphic design I was aware I liked art more than design. So I dedicated my full time to art. What I wanted to do was what makes me happy, not what society was telling me I have to do. I decided not to be another social security number.”  

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