Natalia Jheté Makes Her Reverie's Come To Life

"I owe it to myself to express what I am passionate about."

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Many of our world troubles are displayed via social media and every television set. It's a reality hard to stray from, so when 26 year old Natalia Jheté  of Miami loses herself within her own world, she ensures it is one of a beautiful fantasy. 

"I tend to go the opposite direction from our reality. There are many issues I feel passionate about and am in the process of learning how to reflect them in my [work]."

And Jheté accredits our world turmoil to a society that lacks inspiration, motivation and encouragement to be creative. "There seems to be so little happiness in todays world. I think it is partially attributed to the fact that people have no creative outlet. If I could change anything, it would be to encourage people to channel their inner creative and to find ways to positively express themselves."

For Jheté, her inspirational frequency was awakened when in the first grade. Although her parents aren't artists, it was a subject they equally adored and enrolled her into an art school since elementary. It was her teacher who provided a book assignment that instigated pencil to paper. At that time, she had constructed abnormal lines, ones that were shaky and couldn't tell a distinct story. Her mind, however, was on the visual of Alice in Wonderland.

"My book was a lot of illustrations and very few words. I can still envision my terrible version of Alice sitting on the mushroom. It was a super bad collection of drawings."

But this "super bad collection of drawings" paved a way for Jheté, introducing her to a part of herself that she would have never known otherwise. And isn't that normally how this road of self discovery begins? "Looking back, it seems like being a creative is a path I would inevitably take," she said. 

She usually finds her muse in the face of women, those that are "interesting and sweet with a bit of a dark and sexy side." And, honestly, it was precisely those features that caught my attention when I found her work floating in the Internet. One, in particular, of a woman with a frown, a white beard on her pristine face, black textured skin while wearing a crown of stars and flowers incited me to stare. There is so much to evaluate, so much detail to take in that it felt overwhelming. I couldn't help but wonder: What does it all mean?

"This particular piece was created for the american manufacturer of art supplies, Grumbacher. Grumbacher is a company that has generously supported me on my path as an artist and this was created for an event they were a part of which was side-show themed."

Welp. Not all art is complex but it sure is a beauty.

That doesn't necessarily mean Jheté has allowed herself to be limited to just visual art. After many years of studying fine arts, she developed an affinity for fashion design.

"I decided to study women's wear and eventually moved to New York where I launched and designed two seasons of a woman's wear label called Jheté." The Jheté clothing wear is a high end line based out of New York.

When scrolling through all Jheté's work, one can't help but wonder what her creative space looks like. What does she do to get in the mood? 

"Each of my paintings start with finding a face that tells a story. I spend hours looking for that perfect face and then the rest of the painting unfolds on its own. That face and some great music is all the inspiration I need."  ❤