Emeline Michel Talks to the Little People in her New Music Video, "Timoun"

It represents an era whose weight is heavy.

Emeline Michel is the Nina Simone for Haitians.

She’s been in the game for more than 25 years, traveling the world and being a spokeswoman through music for her culture. This morning she released a new music video called “Timoun” — which translates to 'little people’. The Creole language doesn’t utilize the words ‘kids' or ‘children’.

In her attempt to communicate with the little people, she ventures off to Cap-Haitien’s Citadelle. It is the fortress that was residence to King Henri Christophe during the Haitian Revolution. It was built in 1820 on a high mountain, with intentions to foresee attack. As you can tell, I hope, it represents an era whose weight is heavy. It is a moment in history that needs to be a consistent memory for Black empowerment; the living and breathing proof that there is, indeed, strength in unity.

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Directed by Abdias Laguerre and edited by Sejoe, Emeline Michel took a trip down memory lane, holding the hands of all little people.