Scope Miami Beach 2014, International Contemporary Art Show

The energy at this year’s Scope Miami Beach International Contemporary Art Show was fluid and alive. People gathered from all over the world to display different forms of art. And I think that’s the most important thing to remember when attending an art show of such caliber — the exhibit will be different. It will challenge you. It will move you. I hope that is what the organizers intended because, for me, it was almost like being in a different realm. All artists equally passionate about their work, eager to talk about it and elaborate on its inspiration. What you will find is that each artist may come from their own dark place. A space, though, that needs to tell a specific kind of story. Whether that story is about travelling the world and showcasing visuals with tape (Max Zorn) or quitting your day job and building sculptures based off people you admire (Kazuhiro Tsuji) or painting things that display the harsh in our world (Johan Andersson) or making cartoon-ish sculptures out of glass for some tobacco (Zach Puchowitz) or simply wanting to create something that is different (Porkchop)–there is something to be told and learned.

I will have to admit, Max Zorn was my favorite. He is a world traveler from The Netherlands that sees a story in everything. He wanted his art to reflect real experiences but to also remind his viewer of a great movie scene. The idea to create his art from scotch tape was a coincidence, he says, evolving from a street art concept. One night he was simply too tired to fill in dark spaces with marker and, instead, used the sticky material. But that evolved into something so great that even he had no idea. “It speaks to people in a very personal way,” Zorn said. And I agree! Before we parted, I made sure to tell him how much I genuinely appreciated his brain!

Kazuhiro Tsuji is an artistic genius originally from Japan who was initially on the sets of movies like: Men In BlackHow the Grinch Stole ChristmasPlanet of the ApesClick, Norbitand many more! His talent even granted an Oscar nomination. But this list doesn’t do him justice, you must visit his website! The sculpture that was brought to Miami is called “Dali” and was inspired by his late mentor. In creating the pieces, he utilizes real human hair, to make it as realistic as possible.

And then we have Porkchop — that was not a mistake :). According to Parlor Gallery, he is published in “The Greatest Erotic Art of Today” Volume 2, “Eye Candy” and “I Want your Skull.” His work was intriguing to me because of the intricate designs throughout a floating mannequin. It appeared dark and tribal, almost ancient. “For me, it’s almost like from a different dimension,” says Porkchop, “not from here.” His admiration and inspiration usually comes from the female form; as he says, “the female figure is often the main character.”

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