Jazz in the Gardens 2015

They reminded everyone how something 'old' can still feel new.

The jazz sown into the 10th Anniversary of Jazz in the Gardens was soothing under the hot South Florida sun. The diverse audience filled the field: generations of authentic hip hop and feel-good music fans. Regardless of the age group, the talent running across the stage was undeniable. Local Miami artist, Valeria Tyson, started off the show with a gospel tone that would bring Aretha Franklin to mind. Transitioning into the Jazz in the Gardens Allstar Band, the love for music grew with every new performance; every band; every entertainer. Brian Culbertson utilized the entire stage with a powerful presence that sang volumes.  But they didn’t forget about the 90s babies who would want to feel at home. For them, they brought to the stage Jussie Smollett andBryshere Gray from Empire, the hottest tv show on our screens. Their swag was so youthful it made everyone rise to their feet. When the ladies were asked if they were the real Cookie Lyon, they screamed without hesitation.

On a field filled with 80s babies and older (respectively), Run DMCErykah Badu and Maxwellproved that the old school vibe will always be timeless. They reminded everyone how something “old” can still feel new.

Run DMC, although having been introduced to the game in the early 1980s, performed with such pride you would of thought it was their first show. They moved throughout the stage, shouted out their REAL fans — you know, the ones who purchased their records — and Run promised us that the Reverend had, indeed, stayed home for the evening. It was a tsunami of real hip-hop, the kind that made your head nod without realizing. The kind that we miss nowadays. The kind that made you stand up and JUMP!

Erykah Badu warmed up the stage after a hype and energized Run DMC. She, in her baggy overalls and extended large hat, sang in fluid song. She incorporated her feisty attitude and nonchalant viewpoint as she exchanged her good vibes. In between her soothing RnB voice, she mixed it up with hip hop from the east and west coast. A true artist, indeed.

But the night ended well with ladies man, Maxwell. He smoothly walked onto the stage wearing a fitted burgundy suit and dark sunglasses. As his calm and seductive tone flooded the airwaves, the women in the crowd appeared to have fallen so deep, they drowned.

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