Daddy Yankee and his New Drink: El Cartel Tequila

In a vibrant Gulf Liquors in Miami Beach stood a sea of people waiting to meet and greet an International Latin Reggaeton artist: Daddy Yankee. He decided to make a stop in the Sunshine State to sign bottles for his new drink: El Cartel Tequila.

He entered the building (fashionably late) with a smile stretching across his face, his hands temporarily in his pockets and a shy wave to the crowd. The humility in his character was obvious. Women were yelling, “I love you!” in the crowd and he would politely smile, hug her and plant a kiss on her cheek (a Caribbean tradition when greeting each other). To my left, I then heard someone say, “Oh my Gosh, I just walked passed him! I think I’m going to pass out!” Her friends joined her in their girlish giggles. Oh, and no, she didn’t pass out. I laughed to myself and thought, Awww, how cute. Turning my attention back to the man of the hour, he answered questions with an ease and welcomed the next with great pleasure. Suddenly I noticed they were pointing at me. O.K., I thought, let’s go.

He greeted me respectfully and answered my questions with great confidence. He decided to venture out into the alcoholic beverage business because, what a better way to say it than, “Because I’m always in the club.” I chuckled, O.K., I thought, makes sense.

Daddy Yankee says that his drink stands out from the rest because of the classiness it is composed of: edible gold flakes. “The gold flakes are definitely the best part!” I had to agree; very classy.

Last but not least, his new album, Prestige, was recently released and he says everyone should check that out.

Per my request, he shot a smile to the camera guy (Team Sejoe) and says, “Yes yes, Yo!” I stumble as his security pulled me away because, of course, he said it all wrong. I asked him to say Yes yes, Sejoe. Disappointed, I was pushed to the back. I looked up at my camera guy and he laughed while shaking his head, it was a mutual feeling. He whispered in my ear, “I’m going back in. Follow me.” He quickly turned around and ran into the crowd, his broad shoulders pushing everyone aside with no compromise. I stared in awe: there was no way my little 5’1 medium frame, was going to be able to tackle people. Indeed, I was right. Suddenly, there were three short and chunky men blocking my way back in. Irritated, I watched my camera guy take more shots from different angles and I remember feeling a little jealous that he was getting good brain food for his craft. I want mine, too! Determined, I ran through and suddenly found myself back in!

Daddy Yankee smiled at me and said, “What was the name again? I really think I said it wrong!” We both laughed and I said, “I’m here with Sejoe Entertainment. I asked you to say Yes yes SEJOE!” He laughs a little harder and says humbly, “OH! Now I got it!” I pointed to my camera guy and we both stretched out a killer smile.

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