Ankara Miami Fashion Week 2015

Before setting foot inside the Kovens Conference Center, the parking lot and front entrance was flooded with a colorful brew of African pride. It was, in all sense of the word, reviving. Evelyn O, a native of Nigeria and the CEO of Miami’s first African fashion week, has provided a platform for natural, curvy and bold women of all shades to prowl the runway. Since its inception, four years ago, Ankara (which translates to ‘African print’) has evolved only for the better: getting bigger and more creative. February 19 through February 22nd has officially been claimed as Ankara Miami Fashion Week by the Commissioner’s office of Miami-Dade County!

With a diverse selection of designers, traveling from throughout the South Florida area and the Motherland, Ankara Miami Fashion Week has proven that their idea of elevation will hold no boundaries.

Video: Sejoe Entertainment

Bianca SalvantComment